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Your system has 3 entry points: individuals, teams and organization. It is the interaction among them that creates the structures and culture of your working place.

We will provide a systemic approach that will include all of the 3 areas, or you may need an intervention in just 1 of them.


All coaching programs and facilitation workshops are designed in a straight collaboration with you, to be delivered in person, remotely or blended.

Would you like to know more?




Map where you and your team are.  Create a meta perspective of your current situation.

- 2h (online) - 




Leadership development for the living system.

1-on-1 coaching program

- 8 x 90min (online) -

Flock together


Align your team.

Co-create a collaborative strategy to maximize your team's potencial.

- 4 x 3h (online) -

- 2 days  (in person) -




Create a sustainable framework for your team and organization to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

- tailored program - 

Walk and Talk @ Nature

session / program

Reflect and decide about a situation or challenge. Immerse in nature to activate your deepest resources.

- half or full day -

- also available as team retreat -

(in person)

Meeting and event facilitation

specific event

Get the most out of your event with the support of a facilitator. Design the event in line with the needs and goals of your team.

- tailored event -

(online and in person)

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