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About ana Umbelino

I am a facilitator, coach and process consultant. I help my clients transform their teams and organizations into agile, adaptable, and alive systems.

A sailor since my 12's, the wind, the waves and the sea were my first teachers. Resilience and decision making were learned very soon. Competition taught me how to focus and get prepared for the important moments. And also how to learn from mistakes, where opportunity lies. 

My professional career started as a quality manager. Implementing ISO 9001 quality systems was a perfect starting point. Specially for a newly graduated industrial management engineer!

I worked almost 13 years as a manager, leading diverse groups of people from different business areas. 

Defining top-down strategies, designing processes, implementing cross-sector audits, and follow-up meetings. These were some of the support practices I relied upon. They are all important. But not enough for what the 21st century is now asking from leaders and managers. It became clear that there were more ingredients needed to a successful organization.

A need to go deeper, and map the invisible processes that give life to every team and organization. A need to create collaborative spaces where collective intelligence and creativity arise. To find different solutions, and keep evolving our organizations. To connect and be more human, every day.

The acknowledge of this need was the starting point of Mindsurfing.

You can find more about me here.

mindsurfing way of work

"MindSurfing" is inspired in sports and nature.

Mindsurfing programs and workshops are designed using high performance sports methods and approaches. As well as natural and organic ways of the living systems.


The variability of the natural elements is always present. The will to win an improve is second nature to every sports person.

The winner will be the one who is connected to the environment, sensing what needs to be adjusted at every moment, while focused on the intention and goals.

In our programs, the focus is on what happens between people and inside each person, as this is what makes the difference in the success and happiness of an organization.

Would you like to know more about how

Mindsurfing Way of Work could support yours?

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