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We help you explore the nature of your team and organization, to optimize it into an adaptive and resilient system, raising both performance and happiness.

I'm Ana Umbelino, founder of Mindsurfing.

I am a facilitator, coach and process consultant. I help my clients transform their teams and organizations into agile, adaptable, and alive systems.

Our aim is to help your organization to thrive, and we do it using a simple, focused, and systemic approach to your reality.

Together we will design a unique journey for you and your team, clarifying your goals and intentions, and finding the shortest possible route to your North.

Our coaching and facilitation programs can be delivered in person, remotely and in a hybrid format, in english, spanish and portuguese.

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Our Services

Your system has 3 entry points: individuals, teams and organization. It is the interaction among them that creates the structures and culture of your working place.

We will provide a systemic approach that will include all of the 3 areas, or you may need an intervention in just 1 of them.


All coaching programs and facilitation workshops are designed in a straight collaboration with you, to be delivered in person, remotely or blended.




Map where you and your team are.  Create a meta perspective of your current situation.

- 2h (remote) - 




Leadership development for the living system.

1-on-1 coaching program

- 8 x 90min (remote) -

Flock together


Align your team.

Co-create a collaborative strategy to maximize your team's potencial.

- 4 x 3h (remote) -

- 2 days  (in person) -




Create a sustainable framework for your team and organization to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

- tailored program - 

Coaching @ Nature

session / program

Reflect and decide about a situation or challenge. Immerse in nature to activate your deepest resources.

- half or full day | tailored program -

- also available as team retreat -

(in person)

Meeting and event

specific event

Get the most out of your event with the support of a facilitator. Design the event in line with the needs and goals of your team.

- tailored event -

(remote and in person)


are you ready to start your journey?

Your starting point will be the challenge you're dealing with. We will explore it together, understand it, and design a journey that aims for your highest future possibility.

Does that sound interesting?

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"a giant step within the organization" 

—  Filipe C., General Manager

"working with MindSurfing gave us a big evolutionary leap"

—  Francisco Câmara, Business Owner

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